"PR" Personal Records are Important

No, we are not talking about public relations. We're talking about personal records. It is invigorating to hit a "PR"!  Whether you were squatting, weightlifting, running a 5K that washed your car faster than you ever have.

So, you want ABS?

So, you want Abs? Whether you were looking for killer abs or a higher level of health here is where you start.  

"Roll Out"

Sorry not about the hit by Ludicris...

Squat, Squat & Squat some more...

You should squat often and correctly.  I make the point of squatting as there is tons of evidence of the benefits that we will look at.

Alcohol and Athletic Performance

So it's the weekend and you decide you want to few drinks, or tough day at the office, as most of us like to partake in a drink here and there let's look at some of the effects alcohol has on our body and mind.  Taking a bird's eye view will help us decide if and how much alcohol consumption is getting us towards our goal. 

Which Shoes do I wear?

Seems minor but very important to understand what shoes you should be wearing to the gym. First let's look at what type of workouts are you doing. If you are into functional fitness a single cross-trainer is important to have as your main shoe.

Track or not

Sorry this is not an exciting piece on track work and how good it is (don't worry it's coming) but on tracking what you do. It is always a question as a part of nutrition, sleep, hydration, weight, measurements, energy, and workouts. Should I track or not?  The answer is YES, if you would like long-term results and hit your goal.

Recovery! Recovery! Recovery!


I Love Burpees

 If you have ever had the pleasure of falling to the ground and getting back up then jumping higher than you can reach only to do it again and again it is a movement you wish you never heard of but we cannot debate the benefits and effects of this awesome movement. 

Average Is Perfect

It's great how this (some-what) oxymoron peaks your interest but is totally true.  As we all work on our health/personal goals we always try to maintain a high standard for ourselves and feel like anything less is not satisfactory.  I would like you to take a step back and really look at the effort you put into the goals you have for yourself and what you're trying to ultimately attain.

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