Is Sugar Bad?

Hey sugar really that bad? 

 Without a long-drawn out answer it is simple, Yes! 

Why High Intensity Exercise?


"High Intensity" does not always mean you are screaming during your workout (although very entertaining). As there is always been a constant debate on the benefits of high intensity exercise and how safe it is.  Let's look at the many benefits it provides;

Importance of Hydration

     So how is an important is hydration?  Water is only the number one substance our body needs. Our body is roughly 65% water and every cell in our body need H2O.

Benefits of "Muscle Confusion"

Muscle Confusion

Benefits of Muscle Confusion


BoxTribe Tracker- Competition Directory

Competition season is upon us! In the next couple of months, there are going to be tons of competitions each weekend.  It can be hard to determine which ones to comepete at, let us help you with that decision.


Determination, a key factor in getting you to the next level!

2016 Up and Coming Competitions that you should watch out for!

Its that time of year again, competition season is upon us!  There are some great competitions coming up in the next couple of months.  If you want to know what competitions to sign up for, go to to find a list of events.

2016 War on Wall Street - Winter Games

This competition is defintiely one of our top 10 competitions of all time! This series takes place 2 times a year, one occuring in the winter and the other occuring in the summer.  Surrounded by the Orlando Downtown skyline and doused with the energy of Crossfit competitors, it can't get any better this.

Scoreboard: 2016 Girls Weightlifting

BoxTribe Region 5 FHSAA Girls Regional Competition

BoxTribe is excited to score the 2016 FHSAA Girls Regional Weightlifting Qualifiers.  These girls have been working hard to get to this point. Come out and support the ladies and cheer on your favorite lifter. Stars will be born this weekend!!!!

Wodpalooza - BoxTribe Black

BoxTribe Black is here in Miami and ready to make a mark!!!

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