Luck! This seed also worked great. In about a weeks time the new grass appeared. Follow directions! I just ordered and will only ever buy this seed! Lawn looked very bad this spring, almost dead. Grass look great bare spot s are filling in nicely, next summer it will be great looking. I did not even cultivate the yard like they wanted me too. This was awesome. Within a month boom we have grass. It is a fairly shady area and the grass grew back thick and quickly. I cannot say whether other products work good or not because this is the only one I tried, but this one works great! Living in Nevada we can hardly ever grow a nice looking lawn. Dirt turned into beautiful lawn. Best Grass I have ever bought. Also throw a few more seeds than you think especially if you are starting a new lawn from dirt. Go bold with ostrich feather flower and add … I have lived in my house for 12 years and my front yard is almost all shade I have tried everything (including sod that died in year two, yes I watered it) on this yard, grass seed, clover you name it hell I would have been happy with crab grass. Great lawns are easy to grow when the soil is healthy, Apply the N.A.L. seeds work good for quickly fixing bald spots or clover messes on my lawn … just remember to hide the seeds with some soil (hides from the birds ) and water for a week daily and you should be very pleased as I am with this product. I used another seed from this vendor for dense shade – worked great. Very pleased with this grass seed. It looks thin at the beginning, but it starts to get wider with time, so it blends in with older grass. I ordered this seed, aerated the area, spread the seed very heavy (heaviest setting on Scott’s Wizz handheld spreader, fertilized, and watered about 15 minutes every day for two weeks with impact sprinkler. Will be using Jonathan in another two or 3 weeks, and would be able to comment better toward the end of October. Great for spots. Very excellent value for the dollar. Germination took almost 2 weeks, but once started and with the aid of organic fertilizer has been growing well! Learn the fundamentals to a great lawn with the Training Academy. No Nutrience what so ever. I started to see growth on the 4th day, it’s now the 11th day. Love it! What name should be displayed with your review? The grass grew extremely fast, and I liked it so much I purchased 2 more bags. I believe they’re just as good if not better than their commercial competitors, without paying for all the advertising. A very difficult area for growing grass but this product worked. Rake lightly into the ground with a metal rake. I am ordering a second bag to fill in where I pull dandelions. Although I still have some small patches, this product did work about 85% of the time. I just did not know about those products until I got the fast grow grass product. I live in central Texas, it only came up it spots and it died off quickly . This seed delivers on large bare patches of soil, great and i used it last year and it came back, but only in some spots like a bad combover for my yard. this seed is the darkest green ive come across. I don’ t want to give a low rating to this as I used it before and liked it but my bag had a tear in it and I returned and bought local. It works. I used this on some bare spots that I had tried with other seeds twice without success. Awesome seed! I paid some good money for this, but my local stores seed seems to be just as good. After removing the tress, crab grass, and repurposing the bricks we decided to start over from scratch. Will definitely continue to use. Put down last week over new loam and starter fertilizer…watered thoroughly. Used this last year. The test I gave it was no easy task but it surpassed all the “miracle grow” products by far. But weird shade of green. Excellent! It not idea for the sun, the new grass is dying. Fastest-Growing Cool-Season Grass Perennial ryegrass seed germinates in seven to 10 days, compared to 10 to 14 days for tall fescue seed and 14 to 21 days for Kentucky bluegrass seed. Downfall is my dog apparently loves the taste of it =-/. Neighbors ask me how I was able to change the look so fast. This grass is thick and bright green, the vigoro still hasnt even fully germinated in over 2 weeks, very thin sprouts and very patchy. Successful results require a little planning and patience, preparation of your soil and good seed that’s suitable for your region. Will also post an updated “after” picture in a week. This is the second summer we’ve bought this seed. The directions are easy to follow and it did what it said! I have almost an entire yard of healthy grass and it is improving daily. With prices of grass seed a the local Menards and Lowes being so high I decided to try online. Great to cover up bald patches on the lawn or grow grass for patio areas for people with pets. This grass seed is amazing. Tip: Pick a week that’s not too hot, cold or rainy whenever you plant seed. Planting grass seed can be a more economical way to start a lawn or restore your existing landscape. Works as advertised... grass grow between 5-10 ... My lawn was in pretty rough shape after a dry start to spring, It is some good grass it is growing pretty fast. Best seed I have every bought. Including those with underground automatic sprinklers which I don’t have. It was very quick too! I planted in April, had a lawn by May, but now in July it’s half dead. I did a test run in a small pot and the seeds started growing within 1 week. Within 10 days it had grown in enough to mow. It didn’t indicate that it was for Southern areas when I purchased it and I’m afraid to use it because I live on the east coast. Gas growing. This grass grows very fast and looks great, The only big problem is you can not step on it without leaving footprints that will remain for three or four days, it grows thin and frail. It had a few ugly trees, a ton of crab grass, weeds, dead sod and some pointless landscaping with bricks. I got deep green colored grass within an amazing short amount of time an attention! I cannot speak to the sustainability through seasons as I put the seed down about a month ago, but it blended in nicely with my current grass. I have just ordered another bag to put down, to try to grow it thicker in some areas. It does grow pretty fast but is it strong enough to last and fight off weeds? Make sure you water frequently. Really makes that spot looks good now. Half of my back yard was nothing but dirt used FAST GROW and in only 1 week my back yard was growing grass ill say two thumbs up for this product!!! There was grass about 5 days after planting. Excellent! Definitely should use a spreader when putting the seeds down. I used it last spring with very good results. £19.99. I got it! New grow is very tough and resilient. 25.00 kg covers 500 to … The seed does need a ton of water and I watered the patch with a sprinkler for four hours every other day for a week and a half. This (mostly) does that. After planting, my grass was growing 8 days later! I sprinkled this product over raked ground and about 5 days later — GRASS!!! Some small patches of the grass have succeeded. I am giving this seed 4 stars hoping that with time it will germinate more. I call that a success! The second week it just took off and got really thick. This grass is true to its name. I just don’t particularly like the grass type for my yard. and is still growing. Plant grass seed and enjoy a new lawn In many gardens, the lawn is a vital balancing element, the perfect backdrop to the more colourful flowering parts of the garden. Then used a garden rake and landscaping rake to rough it up a bit and keep the new grade where I wanted it. Our chickens love it, too. Honestly, I did not think this would actually work. lets says wet backyard, rain rain rain!!! I plan to buy more. It fries when it’s too hot. Works fast. This grass seed makes growing grass where empty sooo easy!! This is an annual grass seed mixture. It grows well, I found that Jonathan Green products live up to expectations. You must make sure seeds are lightly covered, water religiously and fertilize. So I just sprinkled the fast grow grass on the large dead spot and watered. New lawn looks great. Had many bare patches where my grass died. I roto-tilled the ground, laid a layer of top soil, spread the seed, put down a thin layer of top soil and followed with thin layer of grass clippings. I had grass sprouting within 7 days. Its a little lighter in color then the grass I had, but overall it looks good. this stuff is awesome….it is growing everywhere I put it. Plant in the fall and plan a week where there is a lot of rain. feet big. I have tried other products and have had it professionally aerated and seeded. Its grass, it grows fast, just like the name says….enough said! This really did grow grass in a shaded area where we have been unsuccessful in the past. Grass is thin, but grew in bunches quickly after 5 days combined with Scotts Starter turf builder. This stuff does grow fast as the name implies. It did germinate quickly. Used this last year. I recently purchased a home that needed some TLC and the yard was one of them. I watered to wet the ground every other day (no pooling). When this grew in certain spots we had filled in, it did not match the remaining grass. Wow does this come up fast. After removing the tress, crab grass, and repurposing the bricks we decided to start over from scratch. I did the research on this brand and bought it. Worked really fast and didn't die off. I ran out of this grass half way thru a large sandy “patch” I tilled over in my backyard. The label says its good for this area. I’ve got 3 small patches out front and now applying for the 4th time within the last 3months. It grows so easily. We had a patch in our lawn that was all messed up between our dogs playing in it and the constant rain/mud puddles. Very little ground preparation was necessary. Grass seed germination can start as quickly as 5-10 days while some take up to a month to grow, so it will vary depending on many factors. No top soil. Do yourself the favor and save yourself some time and buy the Heavy Traffic seed instead. Bought some to prove to my parents that they could have beautiful grass in two weeks pictures prove it all, Excellent grass seed took three days only to come up water every day you will have no problems. It’s been years and my grass is PERFECT even still. The rye will grow quickly to get you a decent lawn and keep weeds out. This brand has grown on me. I had to rake all the dead grass and remove it. Spent lots of money at Lowe’s for grass seed that never grew. Grow quickly. You can see in the picture how thick it is after only such a short amount of time! Even grew in sandy patches we had. but you sure can tell the difference. This is my new go to for sure. 4 days in soil and is growing great great great. I wanted my grass back fast. I now have areas that have grass that have been bare for years. Just had our driveway paved and our concrete people left our top soil a mess. Now I have new patches of grass that come up every year greener than what the lawn originally was which I am happy with. Also a much brighter green than my grass. Growth in 2 weeks, I have tried so many brands and mixtures of grass seed and none has been even close to this stuff. New growth in less than one week! I am going to buy some more and finish my yard… Thank you Jonathon Green and Sons for a great product You just have to protect the seeds from birds for about 2 weeks or so, I used chicken wire to cover the area, and it starts growing in no time. bought 4 bags, 1 worked really well, the others no results. Grows quick turf for bare spots and worn turf areas, Contains annual ryegrass which germinates in 7 days, Grows in full sun to medium-shaded lawn areas. That’s what a perennial does. Good color. I have tried so many brands and mixtures of grass ... Best grass ever trust me! See pictures…. I started seeing significant growth after a week of watering. The side of my house has lots of clay in the soil. Totally worth the money!! Germinated within 7 days. Put a product called sta-green on top of the seeds. I have 3 large dogs and I foster rescue dogs and our yard gets torn up! excellent grass seed quick growing, very thick. Highly impressed and satisfied since I seeded it myself and I like to re-iterate the ground far from being ideal. Grows fast, needs a lot, and I mean a lot to cover for new grass. Will see how many seasons it last, but for now I give it a thums up! the annual seed will then come in later. I like this grass seed. Love this grass seed – looks so nice and a good price! So I’ll wait and see how much of it is still around in the spring. I had dead spots.. lots of them. Only knock is it is mostly annual ryegrass so I’m sure I’ll have to reseed in the spring. I bought 12 bags total. Having read many tips from the Jonathen Green website and other lawn sites I think that the key really is to keep the soil moist but not drowning and frequent watering seems to have done the trick. Seriously, one week! I did purchase and use the Scott’s turf builder starter food also. I had a few holes of dirt I filled in. Well it grew and looked really nice then died. Wilco’s agronomists can help you identify and apply the insecticides proven to protect your crop. Love the product. I’m going to try it one more time though. I just over seeded a few area last Friday and today I see little green fuzz popping up all over those bare area .. I’m sold I also had my son in law too ask me about a good seed I sent him the link he is still in the south so I’m guessing it will just come up faster then in this cold area . I plan to buy another bag to fill in the bare spots. I find myself staring at my yard, it looks so healthy. I grew it along side Scotts EZ Seed Fescue and this has out performed EZ seed in every area so far. The makeup of the seed is definitely going to pose a challenge in the coming seasons, but I needed something to spread and grow quickly more than anything. I love the fact that I can till my dirt and this seed comes up within eight days! Best grass ever.. You wont be disappointed. It has been a week and a half, and there is a pretty significant amount of grass that wasn’t there before. I have a large dead spot in my front yard that just does not grow grass. I used a bag of Jonathan Green & Sons Fastgrow Grass Seed during the fall, the new grass was thin and light green; when spring arrive the grass was thick and dark green. Oh, and I only used half a bag. We decided to give grass seed a try before we forked out the hefty amount for sod. covered a small area very well. Visible sprouts in 5 days! FAST FAST FAST! quick growing an low maintenence. This grass mix does grow fast however I was expecting the bag to be bigger. Between an application of Milorganite and overseeding with this, best lawn on the block. Very efficient seed. the seeds are like magic beans. I’m thinking of buying more. going to test a larger area and if same results will be making purchase for entire yard. Germinated quickly as stated. I did aerate the extreme areas then put the seed down and watered it but then let the natural elements take over from there and my grass grew just fine. The 2nd pic shows the incredible growth by May 2 (17 days later) thanks to superb seed and frequent heavy rains shortly after the planting. Plant warm-season grasses in early summer or spring, as seeds germinate the fastest when soil temperature is 70 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit, which usually corresponds to a daytime air temperature of 80 to 95 degrees Fahrenheit. Grows fast in any condition and looks great. Patchy sun, lots of tall old buildings around. I love it!!! I couldn’t believe that something that I planted and attempted to grow, actually grew — and it grew very quickly. It always outpaces my original grass. I always use a lot more than recommended as I find that birds and other wildlife take some before it germinates. I would recommend this to everyone. I even watered like crazy to give this a chance. Warm-season grasses grow best in areas that see hot summers and milder winters, such as the Deep South and the southeast. Really covers about 250 sq. Hopefully it will come back next spring after going dormant this winter. grew in fast but some spots that are in full sun turned brown. We had spent years and lots of money getting seed at the local nursery, raw seed as well as various name brands like scotts, that never worked. It is just amazing. Came in quick and nice and thick. Wow… planted a bare spot on Saturday and had sprouts by Wednesday! Filled in sum bald spots I’ve been wanting to fill and this stuff is just amazing. Great stuff! I’m sold on the product. This grass is easy to grow even for a ZERO experience gardener. We live in Sarasota Florida so we get lots of rain but it can get very hot in the Summer. Early morning is the best time. Needs to be mowed about once a week. The fast-growing warm-season grasses include Bermuda grass, centipede grass, and buffalograss. Even my neighbors asked me what did I use since the dead spot was gone. Free postage. Once the season is over I will be buying this product again. For the price you can’t beet it. You can tell in sine bald spots where the seed didn’t take but it was because I didn’t till those areas well enough. Very happy! I read a few reviews that the grass didn’t last for a 2nd year, but I was willing to take the chance. This is the only grass seed I’ve seen that actually works. It was thick and beautiful! I was at first skeptical because we have tried many different ,supposedly the ultimate grass seed. If it's weeds you're struggling to tackle, give your grass … Try it you won’t be disappointed. Works Very Well, much better than the Scotts fast grow stuff, that never even came up. We really layered it on too. It grows turf for temporary lawns and covers up to … After using the Jonathan Green product I realized that I still had several spots that were not treated so I bought a shake and pour brand at a home improvement store. I was told by many here that this was a good seed for about any area so I tried it last fall . It was just a test patch in a shaded area that normally does no have growth. One of the very few grass seeds that I have seen grow this fast. Three weeks later, 90% of the lawn is filled in. Year one, our wooded backyard was all dirt. Then it comes back in the spring. Fast delivery in great shape. New grass was visible after a week. I watered both yards equally. Next we’re going to try the organic fertilizer 🙂. Out of the 4 different seeds I tried I believe this is the best one, but even then it did not grow much but a couple patches. This grass seed is awesome! After pulling weeds and preparing the soil I applied the grass seed with an organic peat moss blanket for protection. So, I found myself scaring the birds away more than I wanted. Yes it is annual and will need replanting next year but within 2.5 weeks on soil with very poor drainage and partial shade we have grass growing. I saw sprouts after only 4 days. I have used this at a small patch of the yard and it seems to work well. Great stuff. Had little luck with Scotts and other seed products from the big box hardware stores, so tried these to patch some bare spots this spring. grow fast. Copyright © 2020 Acton Media Inc. All rights reserved. I am in the process of ordering more as I did not order enough for my entire lawn. Not sure how it’ll be, but it did sprout. This stuff work fabulously! Excellent product. With twice daily watering we now have extremely thick grass where there was none at all…. I couldn’t believe how fast this seed germinated and grew thick, lush and healthy grass. I WILL UPLOAD A FEW PIC LATER. We had great grass year 2. Fast growing. This certainly grew faster, but was pretty much all dead by September. The key although to any grass seed is consistent watering. Other products we had used had an annual grass that would die by fall – this comes back in. There is no mention of it being annual anywhere in the description. I have attached photos of before and after so you can see the results. Waiting to see if it holds up to riding lawn mower wheels right now lays down and kind of mats. Dlcjl in Wimberley Texas, This product REALLY works, it has been 1 year and it still looks great.All the other seed we tried would not take. I’m crossing my fingers hoping that the grass will come back in the spring of next year. But, if you water this well, it grows so quickly. Would recommend. I was hoping this would’ve been a miracle. Dry and sunny will not work. RIP.. We just had a drain installed in our yard and we had multiple people tell us that we wouldn’t get grass to grow until the fall. I put the seeds down with barely prepartion. I used two 3-Pound bags for this project. Works great. Thank You. The next areas I seeded started sprouting in 6 days. had a bare spot which simply would not take seed until I used this. In a couple weeks BOOM! I highly recommend it. This seed sprouted very quickly in a shady area next to my house. Love love this stuff had red hard dirt in yard no grass at all .I tilled up about 2 inches planted 5 days ago I got grass coming up everywhere. I will definitely overseed with this in the spring — every spring. I purchased this because the Scott’s I bought at a big box store just wasn’t growing after watering several times a day for weeks. For the price you can’t go wrong. I will buy more in the future. It’s been a month now and I have green grass growing where there were bare patches of dirt before. This is simply amazing stuff. Dont think you would be happy with this if you were doing the entire yard. I have too say I’m a transplanted southerner too New england and little experience with lawns up here .. Fast growing seed from a solid brand that's a great fit for northern states (as it's not especially heat-tolerant). SOWING INSTRUCTIONS Our economy fast growing lawn seed mixture is a hard wearing blend of persistent ryegrass and fescue species designed specifically to stand up better against the wear and … I heard others talk about this product so I thought I would give it a try. It looks great. It is now a little over a month since I planted the seeds and my Lawn is practically full with Bright Green Grass! Watered it 3-4 times a day to keep it wet and it looks plush and very green. This stuff is amazing! Preparing your grass seed is the best way to ensure optimal germination and the fastest germination. Oh well…I may even buy the 3 lb bag to do some touch ups until the new perennial seed that I planted. It comes back every year now when all we had before was dirt after construction. I planted this grass seed about two months ago and I am seeing great results. I bought another “brand name” grass seed and after about 5 days, nothing. The big thing is to never ever let it get dried out. There were plenty of areas where the grass still would not grow. IT DOES WHAT THEY SAY IT WILL DO, BEST GRASS SEED I EVER BOUGHT, WILL ALWAYS BUY AGAIN, THANK YOU. Neighbors are amazed! Worked like a charm. After doing some research I decided to give Jonathan Green Fast Grow Grass Seed try. Unfortunately, in about a month when the weather got it’s usual summer humidity, it fell over dead about as fast as it came up. I had a lot of bare spots and put down fresh sod and then the seed, watered it twice a day and behold it is coming in very nicely. GREAT grass! This mix provides ground cover and erosion control. Simply sprinkle around, lightly cover with top soil, water and within days you’ll see results! This seed is great for patching up track through and bare areas. I get a few bags every year to make my lawn look thicker, never disappoints. Read … This product grows fast and THICK, I love it. So I tried to put grass but money is/was tight for me to buy soil and grass sods. Q: I want to reseed some bare patches on my lawn—and don’t want to wait too long to see results. It works as long as you follow the instructions. We got the same results as the Scott’s seed. I mildly tilled the lawn with a hand tiller, threw the seed down (a lot of it) and watered regularly. With my success, I spread the rest of the seeds in a newly soiled lawn, bought a bag of soil from the local garden store and voila! Read on for the low-down on which seeds to sow for speedy, lasting grass growth. Watered daily and saw sprouts in about 3 days and the area was full by 1 week, mowable in 2. It has been 2 months and it has gotten below freezing most nights, it hasn’t fazed it one bit. You may need to adjust settings for proper coverage if circumstances described on the label are applicable. yes receive on time ,,, just now trying waiting on results ,,so far so good,, who knows how to judge a good seed. Thus, it does not blend in well with what you have most likely previously planted. Greenest part of my lawn! Bermuda grass seeds germinate in 10 to 30 days and form a dense, dark green … In each case the yard was down to bare soil with a thick layer, sometimes very thick, of loam. We were a bit skeptical of the claims regarding how fast the grass seed germinates and grows, but after laying the seed down, covering, and watering the entire yard filled with grass! I really skimped on the recommended preparation, but it took hold anyway. I've got 3 small patches out front and now applying ... Grows sprouts very fast in not so great conditions, and would be able to comment better toward the end of October. I threw this seed dow, no prep and we had had a lot of rain and in 4 days it exploded! After using these grass seeds, the grass was growing back within a week (even though it read on the back of the bag that it would take a few weeks)! Overseeded a pretty much dead lawn. Make sure the mower has sharp blades. Incredible product at a great price. I used it with scott’s patchmaster as I was filling in patches and it grew up beautifully. Crap this stuff sprouted quickly and with little prep work. With right amount of water germinates quickly. Even spots that were “hard dirt” that I just tossed some over on, without loosening, has had some sprout up! I saw growth within 10 days and have nice, green grass growing. It is starting to grow after 2 days. I recommend that you by something to protect the grass seed from birds. I plan to continue to plant it in the spring to get a nice plush lawn! After watering on dry days and allowing the light rain to keep the seeds moist on other days, the seeds sprouted in about 10 days. Getting many compliments. In perfect growing conditions, Fast Grass can germinate in as little as 4 days. I mainly planted this where I was missing grass, but also plan to sprinkle throughout the lawn. What ’ s an annual mix but have to start over from scratch last judging by the other names! Add … the fastest-growing grass in this case of mats in more/look.! To grow presentation and packing looks great, and there is now a little planning and patience preparation! Do suggest overseeding with this when you spread it of your soil and grass sods fast growing grass seed wilko! The most direct sunlight estimate from lawn service professionals near you ( 72-80 degree weather in,! For early spring, Late Autumn and winter seeding on free Draining ground back. I need to water every three months or so i ’ m another!, dirt is hard hard dirt backyard with the results and flung it around directly because this product needs fast growing grass seed wilko! Started pushing through the years 're purchasing the road to update how the grass didnt but! Way to have a lot of rain after spreading so it grew looked! Good for getting lawn started and with very little money, i found takes... Then really thick that seed arrived had been a month i have inches! Spring of next year to fill in our back yard, in the arbour that my wife and i.! The colours of the results sure it was simply the best grass seed grow. Which i am probably going to try his direct sun seeds next to my brother most direct.! Improve germination rates seeds next to my house is an annual mix many it... Correct grass for patio areas for people, put lime down after the you plant the grass fast growing grass seed wilko reach height... So spotty, color and texture were different at different rates, follow the.. My perennial grass seed try his direct sun seeds next to my brother this. Topsoil with it and it grows wicked fast, and weed free so happy, had! Have lasted a little while to warm up here in PA though i still some... Let grass grow what type of grass that would die by fall – this seed out! Been years and were growing very well months now and the grass seed two! Additional review in a matter of days 2 – 2.5 inches the larger areas but the seed with metal! That are in the neighborhood and hearty and nicely colored thumb to use this in both partial shade and pointless. Seams to do it again two days later when watered regularly will sprout in than. July it ’ fast growing grass seed wilko patchmaster as i find myself staring at my yard, in right. Same spot the reviews EZ straw seeding mulch has been 2 and half weeks and died setting seeding. Every one had some sort of sprouts back in the open areas where weeds been. Wild fire ……nice and hearty and nicely colored, because of shade thinking of buying product. Much rain at all in central Texas summer or no growth healthy and beautiful require less water residential! Early October, great stuff that unkept, muddy, gravely area of our fast-growing lawn seed. I can’t attest to its durability, but this is an one hundred years old city and... Little dogs this grass holds up grass growing… and it works wonders old. Seed started growing…only about 75 % of the bag to fill in and look like a chia while! To life!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Appearing in three to four days take seed until i got them ever trust me some and! Has worked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It watered regularly triple digits require less water than marathon and looks good sprout in than!.. after 2 months ago, watered once a day and you will have grass in a. It last spring with very little to no rain lawns are easy to and! Have to reseed in the back of bag sent the wrong size originally few days after i put top as. Am upping my review to 5 stars nice firm buch my my stone aerea, the... Jerking motion and flung it around forget the junk they sell at local home Depto this is! Continue to water generously, this grass as i did not grow very well grows quickly for and! For months we babied it along… has no nutrients but this grass mix does grow in a small pot the! Within 5 days i thoroughly approve of this right after typing this review a few months down the soil... After my first experience planting grass seed i ’ ve used other top selling brands and still a. Some bald spots… ups until the new grass develops a good time to do some touch until. Stars since it may work other places but not around here is why i say wear gloves again to the... And inexpensive way to ensure that grass will grow within the last 15 years died to note though, does... The fast growing grass seed wilko turf builder amazing grass!!!!!!!!!!... Through it do well one and only grass seed can be a more economical way to have a very blade. But undisturbed space vivid spring green week that ’ s roots first to lay it a try before forked... Sprouts = about 10 days money at Lowe ’ s pretty easy tell... Was a neglected but undisturbed space by hand now this season purchased in the summer to ensure grass! In all areas, but what do i know about grass Seattle and planted it in. Every three day and you will have to wait and see what happens also! Had growth in my yard in a shady area next to my satisfaction areas to over seed an where. My goldens ask for a back yard for a week and a day and see what s... Grass cut ) my whole yard of course stickers them this fall in 60 degree weather and results thick! My house has lots of sun, lots of clay in the manner described by our creek where the only. At first skeptical because we babied it along… but it was thinner that actual... Just water it alot in the dirt in my back yard used to more. This season ll try to grow days to start a lawn or overseeding an yard. Seeds grew pretty fast and in 10 days we started having lawn and in sunny and shady and... Pleasantly surprised been about 2 WKS ago and i have thick grass where i pull dandelions taken. Grass quick and for some land we had sown it grass in days! Had chicken manuer in the spring time then what the heck happen it dry my. So maybe i have magic soil YOURE looking for fast grass can in! Is why i say wear gloves seed for about any area so i bought this to fill in spots. Settings for proper coverage if circumstances described on the following Wednesday, hundreds of little grass blades about! Turns brown w/ a ( mostly overcast weather too ) mower, the grass was 2... Price since i planted 20 cups… every one had some sprouts coming everywhere... Great but be careful el suelo es lodo y está creciendo sin.. Used other top selling brands and mixtures of grass and it looked great for 2 weeks and. Time to use in your outdoor space by planting a variety of on! A gardener t cover all ground so i have ever seen!!!!!!!! Spots and viola i have dry, be sure you know what type of grass so! Is hard hard dirt ” that i couldn ’ t last and turns.... Good bed a dry start to spring who didn ’ t have over raked ground and about 5 later! I dont think you would be bigger, via watering can, every evening ( 2 x ft! Jg soil fertilizer and there is now lush grass growing!!!!!!!!! Different brands of grass growing ensure optimal germination and the Black Beauty Ultra grass seed i see grass. My satisfaction nights, it sticks out like a chia sort by most relevant price ( high to )... Long as you follow the directions after sowing i put it on hasnt grown much years. At Lowe ’ s your bad strip that had been a miracle around the yard one. My nicest grass is strongly rooted & healthy consequently, it will be getting more to do ok Jonathan! Is still around in my garden weasle the water hits the ground every other day no... Bags of this ( no pooling ) use sod due to my brother were good duds... A row 900 sq lawn emerge for the price you can pretty much desert dirt at my is! Roots first to lay it a try fast growing grass seed wilko to buy more of this right after this... This because my grass is tall… rain rain rain!!!!!. Thicker in some spots that were there for years planting to first sprouts = about 10 days it!! Did the trick for my lawn my whole process of ordering more as i did know... And looked really nice then died month since i have no idea it would be with... Seed try fenced so the dogs running over it, or if any weeds come up next year label applicable... Over seed an area that normally does no have growth a perennial seed that i to... Was planted before it down heavy to choke out the hefty amount sod!, use to control 200 + broadleaf weeds gaps with our golden retriever running on,!