Let me know how it goes! hide. Thank you!! . According to Wharton, 10 pounds of muscle would burn 50 calories in a day spent at rest, while 10 pounds of fat would burn 20 calories. “The most effective way to increase metabolism and burn more calories is by aerobic exercise and strength training. i Since the goal of this program is to build nice lean muscles. 11 comments. My legs and bum need more of a workout than what I was getting with my typical run and weight lifting. It includes 3 calendars and 3 different phases so that your body is always challenged! If you dont enjoy your workout schedule then you simply are not going to be motivated to do it! The largest muscles (and therefore the largest calorie burners) are in the thighs, abdomen, chest, and arms. The popular P90X program is designed to transform your body in just 90 days. I wish you could, but its impossible to "target" fat loss. She works in a neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) and her previous nursing experience includes geriatrics, pulmonary disorders and home health care. I would appreciate As of publication, the Supreme 90 Day workout system DVDs are no longer being produced and marketed. My How was your nutrition during that time you lost the 7lbs and how long did that take you to lose it? Regardless of which method you follow, P90X will get you into the best shape of your life if you follow the workouts exactly as they’re stated in the program, and you follow the included eating guide. The “Cardio X” workout shows up on every single week of the 13-week Lean program. P90x vs. P90 x plus? @Biggest Loser Classic for sure in my opinion. I weighed 228 and ate 1900/day. I personally use the P90X Recovery Formula, but I there is also some great P90X Recovery Drin… Once I'm done with the Lean I plan on kicking some butt on classic! The P90X Lean plan has more cardio and less resistance for those who for whatever reason don’t feel like they’re ready to tackle the Classic plan. Because, previously I lost about 7lbs but that did not reflect on my figure (I was still looking fatty, no one could notice the difference). So  i gained back the weight, but now im over weight again. If you want to lose the most fat possible in the shortest amount of time, for the best achievable results – then you need to incorporate resistance training into your workouts. On the other hand, the P90X Lean program works to enhance your cardio, which is the best way to reduce your body fat quickly. right time. I have done P90X lean and classic programs and am trying to decide whether to restart P90X again or find something else as I don’t want to get bored. P90x3 Lean Vs Classic Workout Schedule. The P90x Classic schedule consists of 3 resistance workouts, 2 cardio workouts and 1 day of yoga training per week. Now that I have read you article I just wonder if I should switch and do the classic. One way to stop this is to add some strength training to your workout at least a couple of times a week. Last year I joined a country, I had became a total chair potato, started to eating freakishly. @green23 Hey bud! “But strength training can help you preserve and enhance your muscle mass — at any age.”, http://www.webmd.com/diet/features/8-ways-to-burn-calories-and-fight-fat, Is P90X Hard? […] is a enjoyable approach to get fit! I'm super excited to see my real results now! seems like my arms were  still fat. P90x3 workout schedule free pdf p90x3 calendar your fitness path p90x3 workout calendar print a p90x classic or lean which is best. Man, woman, 350lb dude, hardgainer, guy that wants to get ripped, lady that wants to look feminine but strong . Should you do lean? P90X Results: Jeremy F. Lost 101 Pounds in 10 Months By Lili Ladaga ; January 18, 2018 In January of 2016, Jeremy weighed more than 340 pounds and got winded just walking up and down stairs. Uncategorized. I would like to know how calories should i take in my weight is now 160 and 5feet6inches can i use a supplement call cla.Thank u. With that being said, yeah people seem to lose fat during the lean program. You are going to have to do things that your body is not going to like in order to get your body into the type of shape that it has never been in. I am going to do Doubles to get results faster! And if there was anything I did well, it was resting!!! http://rippedclub.net/workouts/p90x-classic-or-lean/ To dance within the comfort of your individual dwelling, discover an open area akin to a living […], […] is a fun solution to get fit! Wow, this was exactly what I was looking for, a P90X vs. Chalean Extreme comparison! and fitting some 5 (stretch of course) but i didnt see much toning. Three things that set P90x3 apart and superior from the previous versions are: Individualistic approach to fitness level as it includes separate blocks for different workout goals (Classic, Lean, Double and Mass) Both are important,” School of Nutrition and Exercise Science at Bastyr University, says in an email interview. The arm workouts change slightly for weeks five, six, seven, 10 and 12. The Classic track focuses on building muscle, the Lean track focuses on fat loss and the Doubles track includes twice-daily workouts suitable for advanced exercisers. Only two things come into play when choosing P90X Classic or Lean: You probably dont like those answers huh. that make sense? The lean version doesn't have enough variety for me. working different body parts on different days.i do use weights. In the P90X Lean program, the arm workout for weeks one, two, three, nine and 11 is the “Shoulders & Arms” workout, while weeks five, six, seven, 10 and 12 use the “Chest, Shoulders & Triceps” workout. My P90X Results - Choose lean, classic, or doubles schedule to hit your goals The Difference Among P90X Lean Schedule & The Others. @a030147636paul you can still get cut using lean. The difference is that you end up thinner with P90X Lean but build more muscle with classic. But you can if you modify! This comment is usually coming from the female persuasion The simple fact is ladies that you dont not have enough testosterone in your body to “bulk up”. yes my clothes fit with out any problems but it I’m The P90X3 schedule Lean rotation is for my p90x. I am following the diet real closely and eating around 2,300-2,700 calories a day. p90x classic vs lean vs doubles To bounce within the consolation of your individual residence, find an open space resembling a […], […] is a enjoyable strategy to get fit! approx.. 1 1/2 hrs. The Classic program also features a “Plyometrics” workout, which you will complete every week except for weeks four, eight and 13. Specially I will LOVE to do a Les Mills Combat/P90X3 hybrid. Dont over complicate things and dont wear yourself out! If you go through the "nutrition zone" tab, the getting started section will really clear things up for you on what you should be doing with your nutrition. You were expecting some “do this, this, and this. Classic will help you gain muscle, lose fat, and move better than you have since you were a kid. I actually started on the Classic, a few times and was not enjoying it enough to stick with it more than a few weeks. Throughout every week of the program except the three recovery weeks, you will complete the “Legs & Back” workout. This is a debate started long ago when P90X first came out. Get it? I workout and run on a regular basis and eat fairly healthy. For the abdominal workouts, both the Classic and Lean program utilize the 15-minute “Ab Ripper X” workout. I was think that if i cut my daily calories down and do p90x classic, that should do the trick. I have my wife and some lady friends who say the same thing. Hey… don’t get me wrong. The Classic program focuses on strength-training. Go with the P90X Lean schedule and keep pressing play. I was wondering which would work better for me p90x classic or p90x lean? . There I found this link on Lean vs Classic; Even after reading your superb article, i am still in doubt what to choose :(. It’s not like P90X or P90X2 and you don’t have to be a graduate of either. Finish it off! The Classic program uses the 15-minute workout three days per week, while the Lean program only uses it twice per week. You can get results with both. In the P90X Classic program, you will complete the “Chest & Back” workout in weeks one, two, three, nine and 11. My first round of the X classic I lost 24 pounds with a diet of 1700-1900 calories a day. (see what Tony has to say about Yoga-x for those of you crying about it). Hey Todd I'm around 6'1-6'3 at 215 lbs and doing the classic p90x. Now I can do very close to 100 push-ups without stopping and I can do almost 20 wide-grip (the hardest ones) pull-ups. I read reviews online about P90X that people had have greater body but not that much weight loss, or Les Mills user got greater weight loss but not that toning. I don’t know why, but my mind finds it easier to come back and press play. Cardio is not my thing. Its as simple as that. Strength training becomes especially important as we get older, when our metabolisms tend to slow down. P90X Equipment. I find that a lot of women like to flock to the Lean plan because they’re afraid of “bulking up” with the resistance workouts. my lower section was smaller than my up more. My P90X Lean version completion and 30 days of My P90X Classic 30 day results. Thats what a lot of people dont like to hear, but it the truth. Difference Between Turbo Jam & Turbo Fire. I eat 1700-1900 cals a day, drink a gallon of water, and eat I found out that with the more lean muscle I have, the more calories I burn at a resting rate. Yes yes...that's what's supposed to happen. Check out my Push-Up Tips and Pull-Up Tips to learn how you can modify these moves. One friend who did the program said that she really started to see results in Phase 3 and told me to keep going (she would be considered skinny fat). I dont care what P90X schedule you run with. Should I add in Doubles for better results? So to drop weight and also, looking lean, which one do you think I should choose? That was it. I dont want to see you get injured and be sidelined for 6 weeks not able to work out at all. That's the reason, I am confused and confused meaning hard one. Here is what the doctors have to say on webmd.com: http://www.webmd.com/diet/features/8-ways-to-burn-calories-and-fight-fat. They helped to dispel my fear about doing Classic and “bulking up”. and whats the difference with lean and classic. literally I am talking about all people who are going to attempt P90X should do the P90X Classic schedule. Stop the whining and do it! You could train just like a body builder and you still wouldnt bulk up – your hormones wont allow it. You cant. Keep in mind that P90X is an extreme workout program, it's not a "weight loss" program. @sethgale8 @coachtodd whey wont make your legs bigger...lifting heavy weight builds your legs. P90X does require several pieces of equipment. P90x3 calendar your fitness path p90x3 schedule zillafitness p90x3 schedules tyler robbins fitness p90x3 schedule free pdf and. I still do it, but Turbo Fire made me feel like a flailing idiot. Yes.i eat approximately 1400 caleries a day but i dont think i burn more than that. AND like Coach Todd said...I was afraid of getting bulky by doing the Classic. Are you willing to step outside your comfort zone at some point? (i mean working out and eating is better than not working out and eating?) i need to do cardio.. but Hey coach. You have to press play everyday and follow the schedule whether its classic, lean, p90x, or p90x3...And then there is your nutrition...Thats where 80% of your results come from. The P90X Classic schedule just so happen to include both resistance and aerobic training! ;(. Now you can get very lean and very toned with P90X classic schedule. Actually, I came to your website after googling P90X vs P90X3 as I have ordered the later one. @coachtodd no im not really tracking it. It can certainly be completed by beginners but P90X3 would be a gentler alternative. This helps build muscle mass, and muscle tissue burns more calories — even when you’re at rest — than body fat. Are you tracking your nutrition? Recovery involves a few aspects, which are: post-workout nutrition, hydration, and sleep. @green23 you should be taking in more than 1400 per day @ 220lbs. I have heard all the questions/arguments and I want to lay out for you what I feel is the best schedule for you to choose when starting out with P90X. However, the Lean program also utilizes the “Core Synergistics” workout once per week throughout all 13 weeks. Of course you have to be somewhat of a maniac to enjoy P90X in the first place – but we get one another, right? With an emphasis on strength training, the program aims to add bulk by increasing muscle tone. I am 5'7, female, my weight fluctuates between 130lbs - 132lbs generally. . 240 and I’m in between a 14 & 12. P90X, on the other hand, would be great for one with a basic level of fitness already, or someone who has previously completed P90X3. I am personally doing P90x Lean though to lose weight/fat/inches. see a lot of toning but im not loosing weight. It includes the strength and cardio aspects of P90X, along with the balance and agility workouts from P90X2. Slimming Pack; 2 Day Fast; Slimming Formula; Meal Replacement Shake; Gear. Also, my mom used P90X lean and it worked pretty good for me. If you’ve completed this program already, and are looking to advance to the next program, then more than likely you’ve achieved some amazing results. @jennkreider I hear ya.